Build a company where the internal beliefs of the company and its ownership match the printed words in the brochure. Form an organization that does what it says with genuine care. With customer service, honesty and hard work at the forefront of MRO we are bringing value, integrity and technology to the industrial marketplace.


We knew that we could build a technology company with world class customer service, a solutions provider that increases productivity for manufacturing plants, an internal culture where people love to come to work, and a completely new and different experience from the standard.

-Russell Looper & Justin Wilson, Founders


Owners Justin Wilson and Russell Looper have successfully grown several businesses together. Residing in Northeast Atlanta, Georgia they decided to take on a new challenge. They packed up their bags and headed to Chattanooga, TN to start their own solutions & technology company. On February 7, 2012, Manufacturing Repair & Overstock, Inc. was born. With over 25 years of experience, Russell and Justin started MRO in the Chattanooga Business Development Center with only 2 employees, themselves. Today, MRO is the home of over 50 employees, serving thousands of clients in the manufacturing industry worldwide.

MRO has already been awarded with numerous recognitions within our short period of being in operation; some of which include: 2013 SBDC Rising Star Award, 500th Incubator Graduate as well as 4-time nominee and winner of the Chattanooga Small Business of the Year Award.

MRO operates with the belief that by providing quality, value and genuinely caring about our customers and employees, that we will continue to grow and succeed. MRO strives to achieve reliable work, consistent uptime, warranty and communication in order to build long-term relationships between our customers and our staff. We are separating ourselves from the norm; an outdated, antiquated industry that doesn't believe in true customer service or if your equipment actually works. Call us or stop by for a visit, you deserve the MRO experience.