Oh No, Call MRO


Everything is chugging along perfectly at a seatbelt manufacturing plant, until a machine stops working. Suddenly seatbelt parts are piling up everywhere. The plant manager is unable to solve the problem so she picks up the phone and calls Manufacturing Repair and Overstock, Inc. (MRO).

MRO, Inc. specializes in the repair and sales of industrial equipment and automated industrial parts used in manufacturing. Their growing staff of over 50 employees includes sales, bench technicians, engineers, solution providers, part suppliers, on-site technicians and more.

MRO, Inc. provides refurbishment and/or replacement options for circuit boards, controls, drives, HMIs, monitors, motors, PLCs, power supplies, pumps, safety equipment, touchscreens and more.

“Imagine a General Motors or Volkswagen vehicle and all of the machinery they use to build a car,” says Justin Wilson, co-founder of MRO. “We don’t actually manufacture anything. We partner with those businesses to repair their broken equipment.”

Automotive isn’t the only industry using machinery to create their products ― aerospace, construction, food, pharmaceutical, plastic, paper, textile and steel industries do as well.

Popular brands MRO services are ABB, Allen Bradley, Baldor, Bosch Rexroth, Fanuc, General Electric, Indramat, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Siemens and Yaskawa. MRO, Inc. has remedied solutions for over 3,000 customers around the globe, from two person shops to Fortune 500 companies. With growth of over 600 new customers annually, MRO, Inc. continually improves their process with the utmost technology and convenience.

Customer feedback and MRO, Inc.’s entrepreneurial attitude have led to new departments and growth. Their robotics rebuilding program launched when automotive customers needed broken-down equipment refurbished.

”We try to learn and grow based on our customers' needs and incorporate them into our services. If customers experience a growing need for gear boxes or safety equipment repaired or replaced, we will create a department in order to handle that for them,” says Hayley Knowles, MRO, Inc.’s Human Resources Manager.

The mass of moving pieces involved in manufacturing means a lot can go wrong or break throughout the process. MRO, Inc. tackles everything from circuit boards to complete robot refurbishments. 

The many nuances of manufacturing make repairing equipment a specialized, unique endeavor. For example, refurbishing and soldering a circuit board requires a different set of skills than welding disconnected metals or general plant maintenance.

“We will hire someone for what we need. It would be great if we could hire all our employees at our Tech Level 7 (highly advanced) experience, but that’s not possible,” Wilson says. “We are willing to hire people with an aptitude and train them into our very specific industry.”

With all of the services MRO, Inc. provides it’d be easy to assume they’ve been solving equipment malfunctions for decades. Co-founders Russell Looper and Justin Wilson have been in the industry that long, but opened MRO in 2012, in the INCubator in the Hamilton County Business Development Center.

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