We keep your electronic automation controls, the heart of all manufacturing, functioning. And we do it without breaking your budget. Relying on decades of experience and focused OEM training, we functionally load test all available items on each controller we repair.






MRO’s technicians stay at the forefront of technology, through on-going education and testing, and we put that investment of time and skill to use for you and your business. We are not only here to fix your current issue, we can help to understand and eliminate re-occurring issues.




MRO services all brands of servo motors, both domestic and international. Whether your servo motor has encoder, winding or alignment issues, MRO will refurbish and feedback positions. All Servo motors are tested with our exclusive Motion Control Diagnostic System. We disassemble, replace bearings, rewind, machine, wash, bake and fully test before your motor is reassembled and painted back to factory specifications.





Popular Brands: Allen Bradley, Baldor, Fanuc, Indramat, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Siemens, Pacific Scientific, Yaskawa and more




MRO can rewind and refurbish your motors from fractional size to thousands of horsepower—we show you cost savings. Often times motor shops charge for a rewind when all the motor needs is basic tuning and bearing changes. MRO gives you what you need, the right solution at a great price. Remember, we evaluate your motors for free.





Popular Brands: Ametek, AC Tech, Baldor, Control Techniques, Dayton, Leeson, Lenze, Weg




Anyone in manufacturing understands the headaches that come with maintaining and servicing servo valves, cylinders, hydraulics, pneumatics and other high-demand parts. A failure can cost millions of dollars in downtime. Or, just hours of worry and frustration. Often, however, a new seal, a fresh gasket or a fluid replacement can either return hydraulics to work, or keep them working. MRO’s reconditions these units to make them as close to factory new as possible. Send your units to MRO for our free, no nonsense quote or repair or overall.

Popular Brands: Bosch, Dennison, Grundfos, Ingersoll Rand, Moog, Parker, Rexroth, Vickers and more


Receipt & Verification All applicable information is logged and a bar code is assigned to each unit for easy tracking of repair history and order status.

Unit Evaluation & Diagnosis During evaluation, suspected faulty components are tested and verified. After approval, components are replaced, refurbished or updated from our vast parts inventory.

Dynamic Testing Dynamic Testing is performed against current OEM specifications. Our technicians determine operational status using innovative test equipment including load testing and other simulations.

Cleaning and Quality Inspection Each unit is fully washed, dried and visually inspected by Quality Control Management to insure you receive your refurbished, finished product.

Secure Shipping Post inspection, every unit is shipped or delivered in custom-engineered, anti-static bags, boxes, crates and containers to help protect it against static discharge and movement during shipment.